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Massages in Avignon • Provence 

The techniques below are shown as examples and may be used depending on your needs during a session.

Other techniques from around the world can also be used if necessary.


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Click on the title to see the detail of each technique below.

Béatrice Lebrun massage Avignon


Practitioner Training in Wellness Massage

IFMBE84 in Carpentras (2012 - 2013)

Training of 245 hours

certification of IFPR84

Agreement from the Federation FFMBE


Korean relaxation training

IFPR84 in Carpentras (2013)

Belly Massage

BIOPULSE in Arles (2015)

focused on the massage belly , torso and energy diagnosis


Slimness Massage

BIOPULSE in Arles (2015)

Lemniscate Massage

Renato Pappalardo (2016)

Hot Stones Massage

AFSCI (2018)

Deep Tissue Massage

Daniel Poirier (2018)

Thaï Massage - Nuad Bo Rarn

Azenday (2019)

Thaï foot Massage

Reliance (2020)

Trigger points

EFCM (2020)

My cursus



Massage 1/2h • 35 €

Massage 1h • 60 €

Massage 1h30 • 80 €



Duo massage 1h • 120 €

Duo massage 1h30 • 160 €



Indian Head 20 mn • 20 €
Harmony reflexology 45 mn • 45 €
Thaï foot massage 1h • 60 €



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